3 Lions and reflected glory.

Yeah, well this is World Cup related, but in a tenuous kind of way. Was entirely startled by last night’s BBC’s coverage of the England v Tunisia match, in which there was a jazzy little segment imagining that we were in mid-July and England had won the World Cup. Tbh, I was a bit sad. And embarrassed. Where was the familiar plucky attitude that, even if we only had six decent players, three of them injured, and were being managed by an amoeba, we would go out there and lose like winners. Of course this time things are different and we have a fair chance…but where’s the modest pride gone? What’s all this boasty stuff? Heaven knows I spend much of my time talking self-esteem, but I’m still struggling to understand what the BBC is thinking…it’s almost as if they were out there competing instead of the team. Good or bad? I’m not sure.

Posted 8 months ago