What a stunning October day – it’s warm and sunny with a gorgeous blue sky.  It’s also World Mental Health Day.  Am a bit conflicted about all the media hype.  Yes, of course mental health is an issue that affects each and every one of us…but it always has been.  Often quietly, and sometimes secretly.  We don’t like to admit… Continue Reading

Posted 2 weeks ago

It’s the Sunday of the August bank holiday.  We’ve had the most beautiful summer in recent memory.  Today is truly manky and I’m all set up: hoodie, sweats and big socks on, steaming cuppa next to me.  Like those endless weeks of sun and heat never existed.  Why am I so glad?  I loved every second of that weird holidayish… Continue Reading

Posted 2 months ago

What is it about new stuff?  I’ve moved into my new Counselling Home, and it’s exactly what I wanted for me and my clients. Location, design, vibe, it couldn’t be better.  My website is getting an update and, once again, it’s going beautifully.  But I feel a bit like that therapy room and this website are uncharted territory and, as… Continue Reading

Posted 2 months ago

Yeah, well this is World Cup related, but in a tenuous kind of way. Was entirely startled by last night’s BBC’s coverage of the England v Tunisia match, in which there was a jazzy little segment imagining that we were in mid-July and England had won the World Cup. Tbh, I was a bit sad. And embarrassed. Where was the… Continue Reading

Posted 4 months ago

My February thinking process (thus far) is all about the close proximity of Shrove Tuesday and Valentine’s Day. I’m in thrall to the powerful magic that is pancake and chocolate related, always have been. But then, I thought back to other Shrove Tuesdays and Valentines Days. What was going on then and what was on my mind? Tbh, there aren’t… Continue Reading

Posted 9 months ago

Happy December. Here comes Christmas! I love it…but wait. Why am I gifting people “at Christmas” when I never bother otherwise? Why have I got especially nice food hidden in the kitchen “for Christmas”? Why am I not wearing certain clothes yet cause they’re “for Christmas”? Why have I not gotten in touch with several people for months because “we… Continue Reading

Posted 11 months ago

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get anxious when paying attention to anything that the media is interested in. To be fair, mostly I roll about a year behind these supposed Items of Importance, but just sometimes I’m right there. For example, there seems to be a lot of upset about Bake Off’s new judge and presenters right… Continue Reading

Posted 1 year ago

As we roll up to the August bank holiday, it’s both bizarre and kind of normal to find Christmas cards in the shops and those alluring tubs of chocs and toffees that have appeared in little stacks around the supermarkets. How do we feel about it? For every negative comment I hear, there’s a positive one…”oh NO, it’s far too… Continue Reading

Posted 1 year ago

At the moment (like bank holidays!) mental health is in the news and we can’t turn around without hearing about famous people’s struggles with depression, anxiety or cellulite. To me, this is both useful and not. What is useful is that mental health is being brought into everyday consciousness and discussion. What I think is not useful is that nobody… Continue Reading

Posted 1 year ago

Am really looking forward to the Easter holidays – even if the weather’s awful, it’s a proper signpost of spring! But what’s happening this year? There are Easter crackers, events publicised as “egg hunts”, leaving out the all-important word “Easter”, and of course we get the first sniff of hot cross buns before New Year’s Day. Who or what is… Continue Reading

Posted 2 years ago