Evaluation by Evolution?

My February thinking process (thus far) is all about the close proximity of Shrove Tuesday and Valentine’s Day. I’m in thrall to the powerful magic that is pancake and chocolate related, always have been. But then, I thought back to other Shrove Tuesdays and Valentines Days. What was going on then and what was on my mind? Tbh, there aren’t many that were exceptional enough to remember.

However, it’s entirely likely that I’d have been happy about some things and miserable about others, but the events that were so significant then don’t even make my “distant memories” list today!

I’d love to think that all of our past experience teaches us the value of choice and how to embrace change. More accurately, that we can identify unhelpful patterns of behaviour and consciously change them. But sometimes we need a little reminder. And some pancakes.

Posted 1 year ago