Festive Strategies

Happy December. Here comes Christmas! I love it…but wait. Why am I gifting people “at Christmas” when I never bother otherwise? Why have I got especially nice food hidden in the kitchen “for Christmas”? Why am I not wearing certain clothes yet cause they’re “for Christmas”? Why have I not gotten in touch with several people for months because “we will catch up at Christmas”?

What’s wrong with the rest of the year (which, even with giving Christmas a whole fortnight, is still 50/52s in advanced maths!)? Are we meant to suffer giftlessly, with boring food, unspecial clothes, and not socialising?

As a way early New Year’s resolution, I may think about bringing festive into times of the year when I feel they’d be really useful. What do you reckon? When you see someone wearing tinsel and velvet, bearing mince pies and surrounded by revellers in March, that just might be me. Happy Advent season!

Posted 1 year ago