Mental health in the spotlight, or not.

At the moment (like bank holidays!) mental health is in the news and we can’t turn around without hearing about famous people’s struggles with depression, anxiety or cellulite. To me, this is both useful and not. What is useful is that mental health is being brought into everyday consciousness and discussion. What I think is not useful is that nobody seems to mention that life can be tough sometimes. For everyone. And whether or not your tough time is documented on telly, Twitter, Instagram or just in your own head, talking about it can help. A lot. If you notice family, mates or colleagues looking like they’re in need of a bit of support, please talk to them about it. Offer a cuppa, a hug, a walk. Send a text or email. You don’t need to be qualified or famous or anything but you who are. You’re a champion. Happy bank holiday.

Posted 2 years ago