Present or Presents?

As we roll up to the August bank holiday, it’s both bizarre and kind of normal to find Christmas cards in the shops and those alluring tubs of chocs and toffees that have appeared in little stacks around the supermarkets. How do we feel about it? For every negative comment I hear, there’s a positive one…”oh NO, it’s far too early to think about Christmas” v. “BRILLIANT, I can’t get enough Christmas, I wish it was every day” (and no, nobody from Wizzard was in the vicinity at the time). What’s it all about? Maybe it’s that Christmas is inevitably linked with our (possibly faulty) memories of a carefree and toy-filled childhood? Maybe it’s that we’re really fed up with this dodgy so-called summer? Maybe it’s that Christmas gives us a lovely long break? Maybe it’s just that we love looking forward to things…even though Christmas might never live up to our expectations, we never give up expecting that it will be better next time! Maybe this year I’ll try to rock a little bit of that magic Christmas spirit every day leading up to the turkey and tinsel fest itself. How about you?

Posted 2 years ago