Rocking Easter. And You.

Am really looking forward to the Easter holidays – even if the weather’s awful, it’s a proper signpost of spring! But what’s happening this year? There are Easter crackers, events publicised as “egg hunts”, leaving out the all-important word “Easter”, and of course we get the first sniff of hot cross buns before New Year’s Day. Who or what is conspiring to dilute Easter into just another bank holiday. Whether or not the religious significance of Easter matters to you, I think it’s sad that Easter seems to be losing its individuality. Mind you, this can also be linked to us as individuals – from children, we see media representations of desirable traits and what is seen as attractive. Nothing else matters. So, today, we have an identikit of people looking like each other with varying degrees of perceived success. What would it be like to not need to have on fleek eyebrows, a hipster beard, the right car, the perfect bag, blah blah blah. I think we might feel very free indeed. What do you reckon?

Posted 2 years ago